Our academic programs exist to encourage, promote, and enhance among students innovation, entrepreneurship, and new venture creation.


Institution Title Description
BBA in Entrepreneurship The Entrepreneurship major is a specialty program within itself.  In addition to the full major/certificate program, WCE offers a Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship - a two-course certificate automatically awarded to students who successfully complete ENTR 3310 and ENTR 3312 (Intrapreneurship/Corporate Entrepreneurship).
MS Engineering Entrepreneurship

This will focus on the commercialization of sophisticated technology. A major component of the 2 semester curriculum will be the Management of High Technology Products, a skill essential for tech companies nascent and huge.

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BS BA with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The highly ranked UT Dallas innovation and entrepreneurship program offers a wide range of options for students, including a Masters’ of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree (36 credit hours), Concentrations within any of UTD’s MBA programs (15 hours as part of the 53 credit hour MBA program), and various Dual MS/MBA (63 credit hours for two degrees) and MS/MS degree combinations.

At the undergraduate level, students can select from a 24 credit hour concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship within the BSBA degree or an 18 hour minor in innovation and entrepreneurship.

UTD’s graduate and undergraduate programs emphasize hands on learning, including offering courses, funding and support infrastructure to enable students to launch their own startup and to gain experience with project based activities with larger corporate partners.

BBA Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are highly motivated individuals that are willing and determined to embark on this venture, making their business successful because they are driven by a vision.

With our current development of an incubator and commercialization center, we will provide students with hands on application of skills to help them achieve their entrepreneurial potential.

Core Courses
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • New Venture Creation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in the Border Corridor

BS-Management Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration

MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership

Numerous academic programs are offered at Mays Business School through the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Department for students seeking academic curricula in entrepreneurship and business management:

Undergraduate Degree options:
Graduate Degree options:
Professional Program in Accounting - Entrepreneurial Leadership Track
UTD Graduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Ranked #22 by the Princeton Review (2017)
Startup Team Networking